International Foundation Diploma Applied Science | BMS

International Foundation Diploma - Applied Science

Science and scientists are involved in every aspect of life. Applied Science is basically placing scientific knowledge to practical use. International Foundation Diploma (IFD) in Applied Science is designed to provide students with knowledge and skills to progress to the undergraduate degree in Biomedical Science, Biotechnology and related Science fields.

Course Details

  • ◈ Duration: One academic year
  • ◈ Awarding body: BMS
  • ◈ Lectures: Tuesday–Friday
  • ◈ Progression: Leading to HD / Degree Year One
  • ◈ Academic Year: 2024


  • March
  • September

Entry Requirements

  • 16 years and above
  • Post Ordinary Level study
  • Competency in English language

More Details

  1. Foundation programme offers an alternative route into higher education and is designed to prepare learners for degree-level learning. Learners will gain the skills needed for higher level study and good introduction to the subject area with a guaranteed pathway to the chosen degree upon successful completion of the programme.

  1. On successful completion of all the modules (120 credits), you will be awarded the International Foundation Diploma (Applied Science). It provides a guaranteed pathway to Higher National Diploma (Level 4 & 5) leading to the final year (Level 6) of the degree.

Module Credits
Fundamentals of Chemistry 20
Principles of Biology 20
Scientific Practical Techniques 20
Mathematics and Statistics 20
English for Academic Purposes 20
Digital Technology and Study Skills 20