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Higher Diploma in Medical Biotechnology

The Higher Diploma in Medical Biotechnology programme is designed specifically for students interested in the areas such as Healthcare, Diagnostics, Genetic engineering, Drug design and development, Biopharmaceutical production and personalized medicine. Throughout the Medical Biotechnology programme, students will study multi-disciplinary fields such as Cell biology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Toxicology, Molecular biology and Genetics to gain the scientific knowledge to address healthcare challenges. This programme also develops transferrable skills including laboratory techniques, data analysis, IT, interpersonal and teamwork skills to prepare the students for further study or employment in the fields related to Medical Biotechnology.

  • ◈ It is a specialized field within biotechnology that focuses on using biological systems, organisms, or derivatives thereof, to develop products and processes for medical applications.

  • ◈ Medical biotechnology continues to revolutionize healthcare by providing innovative solutions for diagnosing, treating, and preventing diseases, ultimately improving the quality of life
  1. ◈ Students will learn from experienced faculty members who are leaders in their respective fields and are dedicated to student success.

  2. ◈ As part of the programme, students will gain access to BMS’s state-of-the-art laboratories where they will perform a series of practical experiments that will strengthen their scientific research skills.
  1. ◈ Students who successfully complete the HD in Medical Biotechnology, can transfer to a Medical Biotechnology Degree.
Programme Structure
Higher Diploma in Medical biotechnology is made up of sixteen modules and a Research Project, which comprise of 240 credits with progression to the final year BSc (Hons) Medical biotechnology Degree
Year 1: Semester 1
Code Module Hours Credits
MDBT 411 Cell Biology 150 15
MDBT 412 Biochemistry 150 15
MDBT 413 Chemistry for Biology 150 15
MDBT 414 Medical Microbiology 150 15
MDBT 415 Scientific and Laboratory Skills 100 10
MDBT 410 Academic Writing and Study Skills 200 0
Year 1: Semester 2
Code Module Hours Credits
MDBT 426 Molecular Biology and Genetics 150 15
MDBT 427 Human Anatomy and Physiology 150 15
MDBT 428 Immunology 100 10
MDBT 429 Science Laboratory Management 100 10
Year 2: Semester 3
Code Module Hours Credits
MDBT 531 Work-Based Internship 150 15
MDBT 532 Pharmacology and Toxicology 150 15
MDBT 533 Nanotechnology 150 15
MDBT 534 Epidemiology and Public Health 150 15
MDBT 535 Bioinformatics and Data Analysis 150 15
Year 2: Semester 4
Code Module Hours Credits
MDBT 546 Applied Biotechnology                  150 15
MDBT 547 Research Project 300 30

  1. Course materials including core text books
  2. Regular meetings with personal tutors
  3. laboratory practicals
  4. Library facilities including digital resources

Course Details

  • ◈ Duration: 18 months (Full time)
  • ◈ Lectures: Monday to Friday
  • ◈ Award: Higher Diploma in Medical Biotechnology
  • ◈ Academic Year: 2024


  • March
  • October

Entry Requirements

  • Pass Grades in Chemistry and Biology (GCE A/L-Bioscience)
  • All Pass Grades (GCE A/L-Technology)
  • International Foundation Diploma (IFD) with evidence of English ability

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