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Higher Diploma in Biotechnology

The Higher Diploma in Biotechnology programme is designed specifically for students interested in the areas related to biotechnology and its applications, especially in the fields of Healthcare, Food industry, Agriculture, Biofuels, Pharmaceuticals, Aqua culture and Bioinformatics.. Throughout the programme students will gain knowledge in Biotechnology and obtain transferable skills including laboratory techniques, data analysis, interpersonal and teamwork skills,for further studies and employment in fields related to Biotechnology.

  • ◈ Biotechnology is the technology to use, modify or upgrade part or whole of a biological system for industrial and human welfare
  • ◈ It uses living things for the development of various products benefiting human beings.
  • ◈ It is a combination of various technologies, applied together to living cells, including biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics and engineering.
  1. ◈ The BSc (Hons) Biotechnology is an internal honours degree awarded directly by Northumbria University, UK at BMS.
  2. ◈ As part of the programme, students will gain access to BMS’s state-of-the-art laboratories where they will perform a series of practical experiments that will strengthen their scientific research skills.
  3. ◈ Students will gain valuable instruction from academic sessions provided by a panel of academics who are specialized in the field of Biotechnology.
  4. ◈ The degree is both locally acclaimed globally recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC).
  5. ◈ The programme enables students eligible to choose a career an array of fields including healthcare, agriculture, food and nutrition, environment, fermentation industry, etc.
◈ Students who successfully complete the HD in Biotechnology, can transfer to a Northumbria University Biotechnology Degree.

      ◈ Cell Biology
      ◈ Biochemistry
      ◈ Chemistry for Biology
      ◈ Immunology
      ◈ Agriculture and Medicine
      ◈ Biology of Disease
      ◈ Laboratory Techniques
      ◈ Molecular Biology & Genetics
      ◈ Plant Physiology
      ◈ Food and Industrial Biotechnology
      ◈ Nanotechnology
      ◈ Project
      ◈ Medical Microbiology
      ◈ Bioinformatics
      ◈ Industrial Based Laboratory Training
      ◈ Applied Genetics of Industry
      ◈ Analysis of Scientific Data and Information
Biotechnologists use biological organisms to create and improve products and processes in fields such as medicine, agriculture, industry and environmental conservation. They study physiochemical and genetic attributes of cells, tissues and organisms, and identify their applicability. Biotechnologists use cutting edge technologies such as genetic modification and nanotechnology in addition to developing new medicine, therapies and diagnostic methods; using bacteria and enzymes in food production and waste treatment; and cross-breeding plants and animals to obtain beneficial characteristics.

Course Details

  • ◈ Duration: 18 months (Full time)
  • ◈ Recognised by : Northumbria University with Final Year entry
  • ◈ Lectures: Monday to Friday
  • ◈ Progression: Entry to the Degree
  • ◈ Academic Year: 2024


  • March
  • October

Entry Requirements

  • Passes in Biology & Chemistry at A/L's or International Foundation Diploma in Applied Science.
  • Reasonable English ability.

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